What are Superfood Berry Drinks?

Berries have been long considered to be highly nutritious foods. They are found in most of the tropical parts of the world, where they grow naturally, i.e. without cultivation. The Brazilian and Amazonian rainforests abound in various kinds of berries. In ancient civilizations, such as in India, wandering ascetics would keep healthy and maintain their longevity by persisting solely on a diet of berries of various kinds.

Recently, a kind of berry phenomenon has begun to sweep the world of health and fitness. People have rediscovered the natural goodness that is contained in these little fruits and that is being concentrated and made available to a larger population worldwide. In this form, the berries are no longer restricted to the rainforests or the jungles of India, but they are available to anyone anywhere in the world.

Among these, the most convenient form to receive the goodness of berries is the superfood berry drinks. Here, we shall see a brief summary of what these superfood berry drinks are and what kind of health benefits can be expected from them.

What Are Berry Drinks?

There are various kinds of berries that are known for their rich healthful nutritive goodness. These include berries such as the maqui berry, the goji berry, the acai berry, the blackberry, the blueberry, the red cherries, the strawberry, and many others. All these berries are rich in their vitamin and antioxidant content. While the vitamins, especially vitamin C, are needed for the proper functioning and metabolism of the body, the antioxidants are necessary to prevent the wear and tear of the body and keep it fighting fit.

However, berries are a macro source of these nutrients. The actual amount of the nutrients is miniscule compared to the entire bulk of the berry, which also contains fibers and liquid content in the form of their natural juices. Most people cannot eat enough berries in one sitting to receive their goodness in the right measure.

How Are They Prepared?

The manufacturers of the berry drinks freeze dry the berries so that they are concentrated in a powder form. The powder contains mostly only the nutrients and everything else is removed during the process. This is what is sold in safe and secure packaging all over the world.

How Are Berry Drinks Consumed?

To consume the berry drinks, the instructions are usually to take one teaspoonful of the powder and put it into a glass of water. No sugar needs to be added. This juice can be cooled to refrigerating temperature and can be had as a cool drink. There are several other ways of consuming this berry goodness too. It can be had in the form of smoothies, squashes, or even ice-creams.

Berry Drinks – Deserving Superfoods

Berry drinks are deservedly called as superfoods. The definition of a superfood is a food that should provide the nutritive goodness by consuming only a small amount of it and must work at several aspects of health. The constituents present in most berries can easily achieve these kinds of benefits for the body.

The most important component of all berries is their antioxidant content. When the goodness of antioxidants were discovered for the human body in the early part of the previous century, they had created a revolution of sorts. Here’s a brief summary of how they help us.

Our bodies are constantly assaulted by free radicals. These free radicals are ions that are introduced into our bodies through the food we eat and the drinks we consume. Most of these free radicals are needed to maintain the proper metabolic processes going on in our body, but if they persist without being eliminated, they can cause the wear and tear of the body. They can damage tissues and cells. In fact, this has several repercussions on the body, such as disrupting the digestive metabolism which can lead to obesity, causing early aging signs on the body, causing general lethargy in the body, and hampering the functioning of sense organs, etc.

Now, antioxidants directly target the free radicals and remove them. As soon as antioxidants come in contact with free radicals, they chemically react with them and consume them within their molecules. This deactivates the ionic nature of the free radicals and their harmful activity is immediately stopped.

That is why berry drinks are deservedly called superfoods. The antioxidants present in them effectively stymy the disruption caused in the body by the free radicals and brings the body back to its optimal level of functioning.

Benefits of Superfood Berry Drinks

Extending the descriptions of antioxidants mentioned in the above section, we could now go ahead and enumerate the various health benefits that the superfood berry drinks can provide us with.

  1. They can slow down the signs of aging. By reducing the damage done to the cells of the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin, the berry drinks can effectively reduce the instances of wrinkles, scars, crows’ feet, and such similar signs of aging.
  2. They can help people lose weight. In fact, they are quite effective in this regard. By removing the free radicals, they leave the body’s digestive metabolism to function properly. This helps in the right utilization of fat and prevents it from accumulating in the body.
  3. They can make the body feel more energetic. Most of our sluggishness is on account of the tampering of the free radicals with different systems of the body. Cleansing the system can help us feel more invigorated.
  4. They can reduce instances of acne and pimples by purifying the blood.
  5. They can help us sleep better by helping the central nervous system attain a faster and a more peaceful state of relaxation.

Final Verdict

These are only some of the benefits that the superfood berry drinks can provide the body with. Once the consumption is regulated, it might take a couple of weeks to begin experiencing the benefits. But once they start showing, they don’t wear off. The best thing is that these are berries, which means they are completely natural foods.

If you are looking at a mode to improve your lifestyle drastically, superfood berry drinks could be your choice. Read more about them and try to incorporate them into your dietary regimen.