Top Selling Superfood Shaker

The Worlds Best Selling Superfood Shakers

If you’re looking for a good solution to mix your superfood powders and take it everywhere with you, you need the BlenderBottle Classic.

The BlenderBottle Classic is the world’s best-selling superfoods shaker for different reasons:

* Leak-proof Seal

Most shaker bottles have a problem: you need to leave them in the right position or they will spill. Sometimes just a few drops, other times you lose almost all the liquid. But not with the BlenderBottle Classic. The BlenderBottle Classic has a leak-proof seal that allows you to place it anywhere without having to worry. Place it in the car seat, inside your gym bag, or anywhere you want.

* Easy To Take With You

You want to take your shaker bottle everywhere, and sometimes, your hands are full. You can carry your BlenderBottle Classic easily because it has the StayOpen flip. You can carry it easily and even attach it to your backpack if you want. There are no more excuses for not taking your superfoods.

* Mixing Ingredients

Most shakers can’t properly mix your superfoods powders and thickest ingredients. They stay grain and they’re simply impossible to drink. With the BlenderBottle Classic, you will also get the BlenderBall wire whisk that will easily mix even the thickest ingredients you want to add to your shake. Your drinks will be very smooth.

* Wide Opening

Sometimes you just want to add additional ingredients to your shakes. And one of the things that take too long is that you need to slice very small pieces to place them in the shaker. With BlenderBottle Classic, you will save precious time due to the wide opening. And with the BlenderBall help, just add any ingredient you want.

* High-Quality & Safe

Inspired by baby’s bottles, the BlenderBottle Classic is both BPA and Phthalate free. This ensures that you’ll have the same great-tasting drinks for a long time. One of the best things is that due to the high-quality of the materials they use, the BlenderBottle Classic can even go in the dishwasher.

* Different Colors & Sizes

The BlenderBottle Classic has different sizes that you can choose. You can opt for the 20, 28 or 32-ounce shakers. The 20 and 28-ounce will perfectly fit in your cup holder. As for the colors, they have a wide variety.

No matter if this is your first superfood shaker or if you already tried several before, the BlenderBottle Classic has substantial differences that will make your life easier. From mixing different ingredients to carrying it everywhere without spilling a drop, the BlenderBottle Classic is the perfect choice.

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