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Superfood Berry Drink: Unleash the power of berries

Life has turned a full circle for Man. In the olden days, Man used to rely on Nature for his nutritional as well as his medicinal requirements. There was a time in between when Man moved away from Nature and started using synthetic material. However, fortunately he has realized the futility forcing him to revert to natural methods of nutrition and health care.

The Return of the Organic Foods:

Man has seen the worst effects of fertilizers on food. You have to admit that fertilizers can kill the insects and harmful weeds. At the same time, it can poison the plant too resulting in unnecessary complications for the ultimate consumer. Organic food is the best in the sense that it does not make use of harmful chemical fertilizers. It takes the help of the natural ingredients to increase the growth. This can have positive effects on his overall health.

Use of Berries:

Nature is a wonderful source of nourishment. You can find innumerable types of nourishing foods in nature. Berries are one of them. They are many kinds of berries in the world. The Goji and the Acai berries are wonderful sources of vitamins and calories. There are different ways of consuming berries. You can have them directly as a fruit. You can extract their juices and consume them. However, you will not be able to store them for long. You should consume them immediately.

Use of Berry powder:

In case you wish to maintain the nourishment quotient of the berries, you can extract them into a powder form. Adding certain other nourishing components can sustain the quality of this powder for a long time. This will be in the form of a concentrate. You can add water and have a nourishing glass of juice anytime you feel the necessity.

People also know this as the Green Superfood Berry Drink Powder.

Product Overview:

  • Organic food: This ensures that the farmers do not use any chemical fertilizers to aid in the growth of the plant. They make use of naturally occurring organic material as fertilizers. Hence, this particular Green Superfood Drink powder is free from harmful chemicals.
  • Gluten Free: This entails that this food supplement ranks high on the priority of the dieticians and nutritionists. Being gluten free ensures that this food is an excellent health supplement.
  • Goji and Acai berries: The Goji and acai berries have tremendous therapeutic qualities. They are great source of nutrition and they are a high source of antioxidants too. A high source of Vitamin A, they have great use for fighting the Alzheimer’s disease as well. They can reduce the risk of general illnesses as well as heart diseases. These berries can have a positive effect on the immune system of the body.
  • Dietary Supplement: This is one of the best dietary supplements. This product contains nutritious elements in plenty. This can provide a person with all the vitamins and calories one requires for a healthy living.
  • Vegan: This is a vegetarian food product in all respects.
  • GMO Free: The main advantage of this product is that it is free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). This ensures perfect nutrition without any side effects at all.
  • Certified by the CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) – The CCOF has certified this product as organic. You cannot find any trace of synthetic chemicals in the food product.

How to use the product

You can use the product in the simplest manner by mixing one serving of the powder with eight or more oz of water. You can also use any fruit juice instead of water if you wish. You can also mix a helping of this powder in your favorite smoothie. It dissolves easily in all these media. You should stir it thoroughly to avoid formation of lumps. On complete dissolution, you can drink it directly. It will impart a beautiful taste making you crave for more.

One scoop will be around 8 grams. You may find around 30 servings in one container.

Benefits of using this product:

There are many benefits of using this product. We shall list out a few for clarity of understanding.

  • Saves Time – In recent times, you see people in perpetual hurry. They do not have the time to sit down and have a decent meal. Under such circumstances, their body does not get the requisite nutrients necessary for a healthy lifestyle. This product is a Godsent opportunity for such people. You have to take a scoop of the powder, mix it in water, and drink it. It is this simple. You get your nutrient quota for the day.
  • Improve energy levels – This product does not contain any gluten or GMO foods. It has the requisite quantity of calories and vitamins enabling one to increase their energy levels in good measure.
  • Excellent for digestion: The product is gluten free. It is fully organic in nature. Hence, you find this product to be easily digestible. Children love it too. You can add this powder to their smoothies and they will love the taste.
  • Improve overall health – This product does not envisage the use of fertilizers during the growth of its main ingredients. Hence, this product does not cause any side effects for the consumer. The main ingredients, Goji and acai berries have great medicinal properties.
  • Reduce stress – By having a glassful of this wonder juice, you will feel satiated. Your body will also have its full quota of nutrients. This would make you feel at ease. This can reduce your stress levels a great deal.
  • Boost immunity – The natural ingredients used in the preparation of this Superfood have powers to improve your immunity levels.


The times have changed for the better today. You can find people going back to the traditional nature-backed methods of supplying nutrients to the body. This is a welcome step on the part of Man. This Superfood is a great advertisement for this wonderful endeavor.