Raw Organic Superfood Smoothie Mix

Raw Organic Superfood Smoothie Mix

Raw Organic Superfood Smoothie Mix












            • - Mixes Well
            • - People who are suffering from health issues like diabetics may find this product handy.


            • - Surprisingly little flavor
            • - Price is too high

            Raw Organic Superfood Smoothie Mix

            Smoothies are seen as win-win nourishment for individuals attempting to shed pounds and eat restoratively. They are both delicious and nutritious, or so it appears. Be that as it may, while looking at the sustenance actualities for smoothies, you need to ponder exactly how sound they truly are. For instance, you can have a small Pineapple Smoothie, which provides 290 calories and has 63 grams of sugar. That is equivalent to 16 teaspoons of sugar!

            While it’s actual that the sugars are from foods grown from the ground, this is an unbelievably gigantic sum to ingest in a 10 minute guzzle fest. On the off chance that the same fixings were expended utilizing mandibles, it would most likely take any longer to eat the same measure of nourishment. At the point when the sharp cutting edges of the blender do all the biting for us, ahead of time, the outcome might well be an excess of calories expended, too quick.

            Scrumptious and stuffed with supplements, our Superfood Smoothie Mix is a speedy and simple approach to kick off your day. Grown cocoa rice protein and chia powder give profoundly absorbable protein. Banana, vanilla and Lucuma bring fiber and a tasty flavor. Goji berry, acai, Maqui, Cacao powders make this blend a phenomenal wellspring of iron and vitamin C, which might add to solid safety, while red maca includes a fiery support adulated by competitors. On your imprint, get set, go!

            The Superfood Smoothie Mix was made by crude sustenance devotees here at Sunfood. This item comprises of the purest superfoods that are free of fillers, added substances or additives. All superfood fixings are prepared at low temperatures to safeguard fragile proteins and supplements. Dissimilar to other superfood smoothie blends, our own is rich in supplements and tasty, as well!

            Various types of Superfood Smoothie Mixes
            AcaiWild Protein: Pure Whole Food Formula – Unlike such a variety of without dairy protein powders, the Wild Protein is not excessively sweetened. It has quite recently insights of stevia to light up while pleasantly taming the hemp and moderately gentle greens. The quality radiates through in the taste, which is quite smooth (maybe because of the stop dried coconut powder base) and goes pleasantly in my solidified banana smoothies. We were astounded following there are such a large number of solid nourishments pressed in, including chia, moringa, spirulina, milk thorn, and burdock root.

            AcaiSuperfood Smoothie Mix: Acai and Goji Boost – This super fruit mix has to a greater extent a smooth, gritty flavor than the Wild Protein, with less sweetness (they utilize only a little coconut sugar as opposed to stevia) and a rich mix from the awesome increases – like lucuma and mesquite. In spite of the name, this still packs a decent dosage of protein from hemp and brazil nuts. The stifled taste of this superfood smoothie blender made it a decent fit for carob, berry or smoothies.

            AcaiCoco Mojo Energy Elixir: Vegan Chocolate Drink Mix – This isn’t a protein powder, yet it is still an energizing superfood smoothie or refreshment blend in. As far as taste, Coco Mojo is a rich, unadulterated, smooth cocoa blend. It has a profound flavor with gentle sweetness because of the astonishing mix of coconut, lucuma, sugar, mesquite, vanilla, guarana and Himalayan ocean salt. It didn’t whisk effectively into cool nut milk, however reacted well in the blender, mixing into a decent foamy beverage. You just need to utilized full 2 tablespoons as a part of just ¾ container drain and didn’t discover it even a little bit solid or overpowering. Unpretentious truth is told. In any case, the chocolate flavor woke up when you mixed in a solidified banana – it was exceptional, flawlessly sweet, and absolute tasty. Coco Mojo can likewise be made into sound hot cocoa refreshment, yet you would in any case mix it and tenderly warmth for best nourishing results.

            How it looks like?
            As far as their textures are concerned, you won’t have an issue with its gritty texture because of the protein powders it has. You can blend it with frozen fruits, so they were suspended in rather thick, spoonable smoothies. The Coco Mojo was impeccably fine to enjoy in “milk”, yet it improved when mixed, as noted previously.
            People truly like the “eco-bundling” that Essential Living Foods is utilizing; it is 100% recyclable, yet totally down to earth. The canisters are splendidly estimated (topped right off – no squandered space!), simple to open, reseal, and store.

            How to consume it?
            Mix 1 or 2 servings with 8oz-16oz unadulterated water or drain (contingent upon your consistency inclination), or have a go at utilizing almond milk or coconut water, include some new or solidified foods grown from the ground!


            Bundled in a without gluten office. May contain hints of tree nuts and peanuts.


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            Review Summery

            Superfood Smoothie Mix is another incredible wellbeing sustenance supplement. Blend this tasty superfood powder with your smoothie in the morning for a heavenly and nutritious approach to begin your day. Sunfood superfood smoothie blend is natural, non-gmo, crude, veggie lover, without gluten, and legitimate. Sunfood Superfood Smoothie is a blend of the accompanying powders; Maqui Berry, Goji Berry, MAca, Camu, Chia Seed, Lucuma, Cacao, Acai, Banana Powder. It likewise contains Pink Himalayan Salt and Coconut Palm Sugar. Sunfood Superfood Smoothie Mix tastes incredible and is a standout amongst the most finish supplement powders available. I attempt to begin off my day with a smoothie each morning. You can use fruits like banana, carrots, apples, cucumbers, lemon and blueberries into my Vita mix Blender. You can also include a couple of ice fledglings and one loading scoop of Sun food Superfood Smoothie Mix. Mix on high for 5 to 10 seconds and appreciate a sound breakfast drink. You can also start consuming g it and get all the health benefits associated with the smoothie. Mix it with fresh fruits and vegetables and enhance the taste of this super food.

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