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            • - The first benefit is that this supplement acts as a booster to provide lost nutrition to the body.
            • - It assists in weight loss and brings back vigor and vitality.
            • - It can reverse signs of aging and make people look younger.
            • - It increases the overall vitality and stamina of the body.
            • - It fits excellently within the lifestyle of busy families. It is easy to make and takes less than a minute to prepare and consume.


            • - The biggest drawback of the product is its unconventional taste.
            • - It might cause the person to have bowel movements which is because it continuously works on the digestive system and keeps it functioning at the right level.
            • - It might be a tad bit expensive for people who are not acquainted with the price of health supplements.

            Rainbow Vibrance is a health supplement, branded as a full-spectrum superfood, which is designed for people who are looking at fulfilling their deficient nutrient needs. The word ‘Rainbow’ in the product indicates its full-spectrum nature meant to provide all essential vitamins and other forms of nutrition. It is made by mixing powders of selected vegetable and fruit extracts. The product is formulated by Mark Timon, who is the founder of Vibrant Health, the company that has introduced other similar products such as Green Vibrance and Joint Vibrance.


            AcaiRainbow Vibrance is available in the form of a powder and has a mixed berry flavor.
            AcaiIt is a full-spectrum superfood that has all the necessary nutrients.
            AcaiIt has a high value of antioxidants, which are mentioned in ORAC units on the packaging.
            AcaiThe ingredients mainly contain powders of fruit and vegetable extracts.
            AcaiIt could be had as a smoothie, juice, protein drink, or in other likewise manner.
            AcaiIts serving size is one scoop, which is approximately 6 grams.
            AcaiIt is light brown in color.
            AcaiThe product is suitable for all genders but is unsuitable for children.
            AcaiIt is recommended to have it in conjunction with Green Vibrance and/or Joint Vibrance.
            AcaiIt is free of most of the commonly occurring allergenic triggers such as dairy, gluten, peanut, soy, shellfish, yeast, egg, corn, fish, and tree nut.

            Rainbow Vibrance Side Effects

            Being a completely natural product made out of nothing other than fruit and vegetable extracts, there are no known side effects of Rainbow Vibrance. The product is completely natural and herbal and can be easily taken by all adults, regardless of age and even medical conditions. Since it is a natural product, it does not interfere with any other medication that the person might be on and for that reason, the product is suitable even for people who have medical conditions such as diabetes and heart ailments.

            The only probable side effect that you might experience is increased bowel movements. This is, however, not an adverse effect at all but a desired effect. Due to the antibiotics and other nutrients present in the supplement, the digestive metabolism of the body increases and that is the reason why there is more frequent movement of the bowels. This only lasts for the first couple of days though. Once the bowels are cleaned out, the digestive system reaches its optimum level of functioning.

            Some people have remarked about its foul taste. That does take some getting used to, but the taste is in no way indicative of any serious flaw in the formulation.

            Features of Rainbow Vibrance

            Here we shall talk mainly of how the Rainbow Vibrance full-spectrum superfood works on the body.

            AcaiThe antibiotic nature of the berry extracts present in the product provide the most vital benefits to the boy. Antibiotics repair the wear and tear of the body and improve the rate of metabolism. Due to this, the product can assist in fat loss, remove signs of aging, pregnancy marks, and enhance the overall functioning of the body.
            AcaiWithin a few days, the person is able to perform better in all aspects of life. Vitality and vigor increase.
            AcaiThe ingredients are so chosen that they improve the blood circulation within the body and enhance the immune system. This keeps the person free from diseases and infections as well.
            AcaiSince the product works at the cellular level of the body, it helps in repairing damaged tissues as well. This includes the cells of the human retina and cornea, which brings about an improvement of eyesight.
            AcaiThe product is a boon for people who lead busy lives which cause erratic mealtimes. However, with the help of this supplement, the lost nutrition can be easily regained.
            AcaiEach scoop of the supplement is equivalent to four to five servings of fruit. The fruits chosen to prepare this supplement are red, yellow, blue, and green in color, which is where the product gets its name from.


            The Bottom Line — Does Rainbow Vibrance Really Work?

            Going by the overwhelming reviews that the product has achieved on Amazon and other portals, it seems that the users are really happy with the product. Users speak about how Rainbow Variance has given them more energy and ability in their lives to work better, and hence increased their productivity. It also helps them to stay fit and healthy.

            Most of the reviews from the users are four and five star reviews. It is absolutely certain that this product is loved by its users because it does exactly what it promises to do — provide all the health supplements in an easily consumable form.


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            In conclusion, we would like to recommend you to try out this product and see how it can help you just as it has helped hordes of other people to get a new lease of life. There is no hassle in consuming it either, for it comes with a detailed manual on how to use it. Only, it must be kept out of the reach of children as the product is not meant for them.

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