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            • - It is a hundred percent natural and organic food product.
            • - It is rich in adaptogenic herbs.
            • - It supplies antioxidants to body more than any such superfoods.
            • - It mixes smoothly with every kind of drink.
            • - No cholesterol and animal fat is present.


            • - User should never rely on it as a medicine when he is suffering from some chronic disease.
            • - Those who have taste issues can use natural sweeteners.

            New Greens Berry is an herbal blend that naturally boosts the energy. Yes, this is the fact that our food is simply something that deals with hunger temporarily. We don’t count on the quality of food in terms of its origin and mode of production. There is huge difference between the impact made by the artificially grown food and naturally grown food. The artificially grown food implies the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. These chemicals are very much dangerous for human health. This is because these contain metals that can affect the functions of stomach and many other vital organs. New Greens Berry consists of organically grown food as ingredients.


            Features of the New Greens Berry are same as one expects from the organic fruits, vegetables and herbs to be. Difference is that New Greens Berry utilizes all the fruits, vegetables and makes them dense in the form of a powder. Usually, it is not easy to afford or access even a single organic food. New Greens Berry provides with opportunity to have all these at the same place.

            Following are the beneficial features of New Greens Berry.

            Instantly Boosts Energy
            Energy is not required by body only for digging the well. It is needed when a person has t blink the eye. Issue is that not every person has a strong enough metabolic system that guarantee him to provide too much energy. Energy is released as a result of metabolism. When larger food molecules are converted into small ones and smaller are converted to larger ones, then huge energy is released. In case of food containing too much animal fats, this interconversion process becomes difficult. New Greens Berry increases metabolic rate, making the body to instantly boost energy level. Juice or shake of the berry must be used before or after work out for yielding better results.

            Maintains the Health of Stomach
            Quality and quantity of food eaten largely determines the health of stomach. There are so many things needed to be taken in account. Too much food can often become heavy n stomach walls, This simply increases pressure and makes it to release too much of enzymes. Very often the heavy food results in condition known as heart burn. Too much acidity can also lead to the stomach ulcer. It is necessary to eat food that is not only easy to digest but also keeps a balance contains vital minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium and many others. They react with chemicals to produce alkalis, as a result of this stomach’s environment becomes neutralized.

            Improves Digestion
            Probiotics and enzymes complex has to play very basic role in digestion. Probiotics in intestines are very vital for improving the health of digestive track. The basic source of probiotics is organic in nature. Animal resources are not actually good for health. They just tend to produce more and more impurities. New Greens Berry comes up with organic vegetables that provide a rich source of probiotics and cater very well to the need of all the digestive enzymes. These enzymes such as lipase, Papain and Bromelain etc rapidly digest the food.

            Increases Efficiency of Immune System
            Scientific effects of berries and herbs in curing heart related diseases have been proved very long ago. Lymphocytes or the white blood cells play very basic role in fighting impurities. One has to make sure that his immunity system is working without any problem. New Greens Berry not only cleanses the blood but also detoxifies it from harmful impurities. In this way diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol in blood and stress etc. are prevented easily.

            Supplies Antioxidants to body
            Antioxidants are very much essential to human health. New Greens Berry includes 15+ antioxidants in its one serving. The berries containing the highest amount of antioxidants are used to manufacture this product. This is the reason why New Greens Berry is termed as a source of antioxidants. These antioxidants basically provide a natural Detox system to body. All the metallic ions and free radicals are removed completely in the form of molecules and body becomes free from harmful effects.


            How New Greens Berry Works
            The working mechanism of New Greens Berry is accompanied by basically two things. One is the antiadaptgenic herbs and the second is the antioxidants. These are a rich source of providing energy to body. Antioxidants naturally detoxify body against harmful impurities. In this way circulatory system, digestive system and other such body systems are detoxified and their functionality becomes high manifolds. Adaptogens are chemicals that are able to resist against the variety of physical, biological, chemical and emotional stresses countered by the body.


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            Superfood is a food whose one scoop or serving enough to provide body with adequate amount of all the nutrients it needs. We are not able to reach all the organic herbs, fruits and vegetables that contain these nutrients in an optimum quantity. Here, New Greens Berry proves to be the right thing. This is because it incorporates all these berries, herbs and vegetables that provide these nutrients. The blend is not expensive. It can be used as early day juice, pre work out or post work out shake or as a healthy snack during breaks.

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