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            • - Due to its full fruit content, Garden Greens AcaiSplash Mixed Berry Drink Mix can be used to make various preparations which are healthy and tasty at the same time.
            • - It can used as a healthy weight loss element without affecting the taste buds or doing major damages to the body.
            • - It can be mixed with a protein powder to make a protein acai shake.
            • - With its great taste and goodness of acai, it creates an overall feel good sensation.


            • - Acai berry and other berries are basically acidic in nature.
            • - It is not a weight loss solution or an energy gain supplement for sports person.
            • - Some reviews concerning the new formula is negative as the concentration has been reduced significantly when compared to the original formula.
            • - There is no phone number or other contact information of the manufacturer available on the website.

            Garden Greens AcaiSplash Mixed Berry Drink Mix is a food supplement that is filled with antioxidants. The mix has been formulated to provide optimal energy by improving the metabolic capacity of the human body. The drink mix produced and marketed by Garden Greens is one the several ORAC certified green foods developed by the company. Nature has endowed us with great health products and the supplements convert them into usable form and thus making it available to the people in easily assimilative forms.

            Features of Garden Greens AcaiSplash Mixed Berry Drink Mix
            Garden Greens AcaiSplash Mixed Berry Drink Mix comes in a colorful packing of 669 g. We all love berries and these have immense properties of health factors for the body. With a simple ingredient list of 8 berry forms and other elements it is a rich drink for any season.

            Goodness of Acai Berry
            Acai berry is a rich fruit and its goodness had been discovered by the tribes of South America for over generations. Every kind of berry has been found to have great properties and this has been used in the Garden Greens AcaiSplash Mixed Berry Drink Mix to get the perfect mix. The fruit is obtained from lush Amazon forests and is rich in antioxidants.

            Cardiovascular Health
            Only a healthy heart can maintain a healthy body as it is the core of the body. Berries contain anthocyanins that are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants attach to cholesterol molecules and also free radicals and helps in their successful removal from the body. This removal of cholesterol helps in keeping the vascular system free of clogs and thus aids in good blood circulation.

            Weight Loss
            Berries especially acai berry has been classified under super foods. It has been found to counter the action of fats in diet. They induce digestion of stored fats and thus help in weight loss and even maintain a proper weight.

            Beauty Benefits
            The world is more into beauty products for men and women and people are looking unto organic products for maintaining skin health due to the various side effects caused by chemical products. Due to the antioxidant properties, it removes the free radicals in the skin and thus prevents premature aging of skin cells. It also gives a radiant and glowing skin.

            Promotes Digestion
            Berries along with green tea have detox properties and thus Garden Greens AcaiSplash Mixed Berry Drink Mix helps in maintaining a healthy gut system. Berry splash constitutes raspberry, goji berry, bilberry, blueberry, elderberry, blackberry and cranberry along with the major ingredient acai berry. All the berry varieties are rich in fiber content and thus adds an extra effect enhancing the digestive process.

            Cell Health
            The anthocyanin content in berries especially acai berry improves cell health and prevents it from being attacked by the free radicals present in the body.

            Healthy immune system
            Berries are rich in Vitamin C and this improves the action of the immune cells. The polyphenolic elements found in acai berry has been proven by lab researches to have its effect on controlling the growth and proliferation of cancer cells. The role of acai berry on cancer is still under research but it sure does help to keep cancer cells from doing major damages.

            Boosts Energy
            By maintaining a healthy cellular system, digestive process and overall health in general it increases the body capacity to produce energy. It is the toxins and free radicals that hinder the energy production capacity of the body and by helping the eradication of these, Garden Greens AcaiSplash Mixed Berry Drink Mix helps in optimal energy production the tastier way.


            How Garden Greens AcaiSplash Mixed Berry Drink Mix Works
            Berries have a high ORAC level (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) and this has been used in Garden Greens AcaiSplash Mixed Berry Drink Mix to give a ORAC level of 3800. The higher the level the better is the capacity of the product to remove free radicals. Free radicals are the major damaging elements in the body that act upon the body’s functioning in all ways and causes a myriad of diseases. It can be consumed in a drink of one scoop mix in 6 FL oz water.


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            Review Summery

            Garden Greens AcaiSplash Mixed Berry Drink Mix is the best tasting fruit drink that helps in body functioning when compared to the several fruit juices available in the market that are more chemicals than fruits. It has a low shelf life so it has to be consumed as soon as possible. It works like a vitamin and nutrient drink for most people who are fed up of choking down the green drink powders.

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