From Juicy Berries To Berry Powder

Superfoods have been known to extend further into the fruit and berry scene. Nutritionist also recommend 5-7 servings of fruit per day. But what happens when we cannot meet these requirements on fresh produce? Well, there are superfood alternatives in the form of powder. These powders are dissolved in solution to give you the highly nutritious superfood berry drinks.

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How Is The Superfood Powder Manufactured?

Now the underlying question asked is how does one make these superfood berry powders? A bio-engineered process ensures the conversion of the lush, juicy whole fruit into the convenient day to day supplement. Ideally the crucial nutritional phytonutrients are buffered and suspended for extraction and conversion into powder nothing is lost. The resulting product ensures delivery of natural, healthy benefits of the original whole fruit. A highly specialized extraction process is employed to ensure all the fruit advantages are retained and are safe for human consumption, allowing you to enjoy that glass of superfood berry drink.

The basic process is fairly simple to comprehend, it can also be done at the comfort of your home provided you have the necessary raw materials and equipment phytochemical extraction. The process can be categorized into three different phases.

  1. Sourcing of ingredients and their delivery

There are few choices to consider where to source your ingredients. They should possess and maintain certain standards of quality and price friendly. Quality control is applied at this stage as well, to meet the dietary needs of the consumer. This ensures that only the highest quality product is used in the manufacturing process.

Since superfood berries are needed for the making of the superfood powders, one can specifically request or seek out an arrangement with the suppliers specifically dealing with the superfoods.

This process itself, essentially works like a market place. During the harvests of these berries, extracting companies are often approached and a deal brokered

  1. Phytoextraction and condensation into Powder

Extraction of these nutrients from the superfoods, can be done in one of the different options outlined:

  • Grinding into powder
  • Extraction of juice and then crystallizing it into powder
  • Extracting the specific phytonutrient using various analytical methods

In the manufacturing facility these procedures are fine-tuned and evaporation and crystallizing conditions are regulated to ensure high degree of purity.

Sipping that superfood berry drink, one must recognize the effort put into achieving 100% crystallization. Certain parts of the superfoods are often separated and then condensed into powder or liquid. This requires the use of solvents and heat.

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