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            • - Patented Wellberry complex which is ensured easy absorption into the body via PureWay C Absorption mechanism.
            • - Patented SuperSorb Absorption which helps to attain easy absorption of all nutrients delivered by the Nanored mix into the blood stream for direct action.
            • - The ingredients used are purely Vegan, GMO free and Gluten free.
            • - There are no dairy, egg, wheat or Soy products used in it making it safe for people who are intolerant to these.
            • - 1 serving of BioPharma Scientific Nanoreds is equivalent to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables.


            • - Elderberry may be allergic to some people.
            • - The increased concentration of nutrients might cause problem to pregnant ladies and nursing mothers.
            • - It is just a simple juice and not a meal replacement.

            As the name suggests the BioPharma Scientific Nanoreds is a blend mix of berries super packed with other fruits and vegetables. It is a wonderful reserve of the much needed Vitamin C and resveratrol. The complex used in this is known as the Wellberry complex which combines gooseberry and Vitamin C. With the mix of berries, the product tastes great with its natural berry taste. Most superfruit mixed will just have fruit extracts but with nanoreds you get resveratrol and Vit C added in extra to ensure anti aging action and to keep the body strong and active. Its a pure natural product and there is no artificial flavoring or preservatives added to it. The product makes use of patented technology to ensure easy absorption and delivery of the nutrients into the body.

            Features of BioPharma Scientific Nanoreds

            Fruit mixes are very commonly found in the market and making the right choice to suit one’s requirement is very essential. A thorough evaluation to know the features of the product helps to make the choice.

            Resveratrol Content
            Resveratrol is a stilbene and is a polyphenol. They have high antioxidant capacity. They are known to have their effect in even keeping off cancer at bay. The best known rich source of resveratrol is red grapes and in BioPharma nanoreds, whole grape is used as source. In most others, cheaper alternatives like Japanese knotweed is used to reduce the cost. The concentration of resveratrol is estimated to be approximately 5% per serving.

            Welberry Compound
            Indian Gooseberry has been used by the Indians for its medicinal value since ancient times. The benefits were recently studied and used in western countries. Welberry is a patented combination manufactured by BioPharma which combines Amla with PureWay C which is also a patented easily absorbable form of Vitamin C. The antioxidant properties of Wellberry have been proved with clinical studies. Many superfruit drink mixes do not have any clinical research studies to support its effects on the human body. According to the clinical studies, Wellberry has been evaluated to help in immune functioning, inflammatory response, protect cells and tissues, anti-aging action and eradication of free radicals.

            SuperSorb Delivery Mechanism
            SuperSorb is a nanotechnology mechanism to ensure that the nutrients that are delivered into the body are absorbed optimally and utilized efficiently. All nutrients are converted into their concentrated nano form and microencapsulated in phospholipid molecules which is known as liposomal encapsulation. Mostly nutrient structure gets destroyed as they are in their vulnerable state on entering the acidic environment in the stomach. Most superfoods have all necessary nutrients in them, but all of them do not make it to the intestine where absorption takes place. In the BioPharma patented SuperSorb system, the fat layer protects the nutrient enclosed within it till the fat layer is disintegrated in the small intestine and nutrients absorbed.

            Antioxidant Action in the Body
            With a well researched mix of antioxidant sources like elderberry, Wellberry and grape extract, the Nanoreds has a high antioxidant action in the body. Antioxidants are in the concentrated form and begin their action as soon as it is absorbed in the body. They release the free radicals that cling on to toxins, fat molecules and body cells. Thus their restrictive action on these are liberated. With the availability of free fat molecules, the body performs fat metabolism and thus releases more energy. With enough energy gain, it works against food cravings and thus aids in weight loss. The integrity of the muscles and bones are maintained with no free radicals acting upon them. The skin and hair is maintained in good health. Antioxidants also help in improving the immune system. Detoxification is also a major job done by antioxidants in Nanoreds.


            How BioPharma Scientific Nanoreds Works
            Nanoreds is a perfect mix of fruits and vegetables in an antioxidant mix, super fruits and vegetables blend, fibers and stevia leaf. Making use of advanced technology, the effect of the drink has been realized by consumers in the first glass itself. The product comes in a 12.7 oz package thats about 360 g. Each scoop is estimated to be about 12 g and thus this bottle will serve 30 servings. One scoop is used in one serving mixed with water, milk or any juices. The bottle will have to be refrigerated after opening as there are no preservatives used. Children below 12 years can also have this drink as a juice in half the serving as that of adults.


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            Review Summery

            Nanoreds is a rich blend of antioxidants and can serve as the best antioxidant supply for the body. It can work its action in several ways on the body making it healthier and better everyday. It can also be consumed along with nano greens in a single mix or as detox-antioxidant regime in morning and evening. The result can be seen in the form of an active and energized body.

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