Best Superfoods in 2016

5 Top Ranked Superfoods in 2016

Green foods are extremely important in a healthy diet. They help your immune system since they are a great source of phytonutrients; they provide different nutrients and vitamins your body needs to work well; they are low in calories, which can help you losing those extra pounds; and they even protect your body from viruses because they’re extremely rich in antioxidants.

The problem with green foods is that most people don’t like to eat them. Despite all the advantages they bring to your health, some people just can’t stand them. If this is your case, you can now have a healthier diet with green superfoods without getting near these foods you just can’t stand. There is a wide variety of green superfoods available, but you need to pay special attention when you’re choosing them. They should be researched and tested and be completely organic. They should also be free from any GMOs, pesticides or synthetic ingredients.

Take a look at the 5 top ranked superfoods in 2016:

#1: Green Superfood Berry Drink Powder

The Green Superfood Berry Drink Powder is completely organic, 100% raw, and gluten and GMO free. You can even use it if you’re vegan.

The Green Superfood Berry Drink Powder combines different berries, nature fruits, and grass, and you should mix it with water. Since it combines so many different herbs, you need to pay attention to the prescribed amount and make sure you’re not allergic to any of them.

The Green Superfood Berry Drink Powder will help you be more energetic, make your body fit and calm your mind.


#2: Total Living Drink Berry

Total Living Drink Berry is a powder that you need to mix with water. It contains nine different products and is a nice source of probiotics, antioxidants, enzymes and vitamins.

Total Living Drink Berry only uses natural products and it’s completely organic.

When you take the Total Living Drink Berry, you can expect some positive changes in your digestive and immune systems, you’ll feel more energetic and healthier in general. It’s also a great superfood if you’re looking to lose weight.


#3: LivingFuel Superberry Ultimate

LivingFuel Superberry Ultimate is one of the most acclaimed superfoods in the market. It contains a wide variety of organic grass, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and berries. Everyone can take it, from children to older people, and even diabetics.

LivingFuel Superberry Ultimate is a powder and you can either mix it with water or with any other drink or food.

LivingFuel Superberry Ultimate is rich in proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, stabilized probiotics, fatty acids, and it has 10 different amino acids.


#4: Strawberry Shakeology

Strawberry Shakeology is one of the tastiest superfoods on the market. They use the natural strawberry flavor and is a natural product.

Strawberry Shakeology contains milk and a mixture of natural ingredients and fruits. You need to be especially careful taking it if you’re allergic to eggs, soy ingredients, crustacean Shellfish, and fish.

Strawberry Shakeology includes different vitamins, minerals, and proteins. It can help controlling the blood sugar, losing weight, maintaining the cholesterol levels and in the digestion process.


#5: Raw Organic Superfood Smoothie Mix

Raw Organic Superfood Smoothie Mix only uses superfoods that are fillers free and don’t have any additives or added substances.

Raw Organic Superfood Smoothie Mix is a great way to start off your day with full energy. It contains fiber, iron, protein and vitamin C and is very tasty. You can mix it water, coconut water or almond milk, and you can even include some solidified foods.