Berry Drink Scams

Superfood Berry Drink Scams

It is quite understandable that when anything becomes popular, the number of skeptics and critics increase. Popularity breeds skepticism, we must say. This is definitely true of the newest Superfood berry drinks that have become much talked about in recent times. The talk has been both good and bad, just as one would expect. In fact, a lot of people are also branding them as the newest form of scams to hit the health industry.

So what’s the inside dope? Are these really health foods that we should consider, or should we also brand them as Superfood berry drink scams? Let us try and analyze the situation.

Understanding Superfood Berry Drinks

It is no mystery that berries are filled with an abundance of natural goodness. This applies to all kinds of berries, of all shapes, sizes, and colors, which are found all over the planet, especially in the warm tropical areas. What the Superfood industry does is to freeze dry the natural goodness of these berries and sell them in the form of an easily consumable powder. This powder thus contains the extracts of not just one type of berry but of various kinds of berries mixed together in a properly calculated proportion.

That is the reason they fit within the definition of superfoods. If you were to consume these berries in their natural form, it would take a long time and even effort to consume all those berries that could give you the required health benefits. Let us not even talk about the difficulties and the expenses involved in getting the berries. However, these superfoods bring the goodness of various berries together and concentrate them into a very easy powder form that could be had as a squash or smoothie or simply a juice with water.

The Promised Health Benefits

Before trying to understand whether something is a scam or not, it is imperative that we know of the claims that they make.

With Superfood berry drinks, the main claim is of health benefits, and the vehicle for this claim is the presence of the high amount of antioxidants in the berry powders.

In recent times, the health food industry has strongly come out in favor of antioxidants. These antioxidants are necessary for the body to eliminate the destructive free radicals, which are responsible for causing all the wear and tear in the body to the cells and tissues. By doing this, the antioxidants can slow down the signs of aging, prevent the body from gaining excessive weight, improve sleep patterns, enhance the activity of the body, protect the body from chronic ailments and so on.

So, Does It Work?

Yes. From the antioxidant point of view, the berry drinks definitely work. Even when the berries are consumed in their natural form, they can provide these health benefits to the body, but that would take an inordinately long time. By concentrating them in the form of berry powders, the entire process is accelerated and the benefits are experienced in a much more profound manner.

If you think about it, you are not consuming the nutrients of just one berry but of various berries in each spoonful that you consume. Also, this is not one kind of berries, but a mixture of them. So, you are supplementing your body with a host of vitamins from various kinds of berries and giving it an overall protection and boosting its metabolism.

This goes a long way in promoting and maintaining the overall health of your body.

Then Why Is There Talk about a Scam?

Most of the talk about the Superfood berry drink scam is from people who have not done adequate research in the way this product functions. We cannot blame them either. The health food industry is saturated with so many kinds of products, several of them with dubious ingredients, that we cannot really separate the truth from fiction.

However, we can rest assured as far as the Superfood berry drinks go. The fact is that they are completely natural products and all they contain are the concentrated powders of various berries. This focuses their vitamins into a small quantity and that’s what we consume when we have these foods. We are pumping our body with vitamins with each spoonful actually, and that too in a completely natural manner.

What Should We Be Aware of?

Do adequate research when you are considering buying any health food. There are two things you should do. First check the ingredients to see what the active product is. Like, with these Superfood berry drinks, the active products are berries. The next thing you should do is to do some research on the health benefits of these active products. So, for example, if you have a health food that has, for instance, oranges and lemons in it, then you must go ahead and check out what kind of health benefits oranges and lemons can give to your body. Find out whether you need those benefits. Find out whether these benefits are overall or if they address only a few aspects of your overall health.

It is also important to check out the brand. Look for the reviews on online stores such as Amazon. People are quite vocal on Amazon and they are quite upfront if there is some flaw in the product. You must do your adequate research on all kinds of social media possible.

The Final Word

We would ask you to go ahead and check out Superfood berry drinks for yourself. On our list, they tick all the right boxes. They have the right ingredients — berries — and they have the right natural goodness — of antioxidants. They are not so expensive, and they are manufactured by a reputable brand with good reviews.

The price might be a tad bit high but then we must consider that this is a concentrated food product. It consists the goodness of several berries procured from different parts of the world and assimilated into a single product. Given that, we are willing to condone the slighting higher price for this product.

So, do check it out. Look for an offer or a small quantity to begin with and try to find out the truth of the Superfood berry drink scam for yourself.