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            • - Taste refreshing and very fruity, without the specific “powder taste” as found in some superfood drinks.
            • - Non-GMO- all ingredients used in Ancient Berry Superfood are certified as 100% natural, without any artificial involvement.
            • - Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free
            • - 100% Vegan - Ancient Berry Superfood is 100% raw, vegan superfood
            • - No added sugar


            • - Doesn't Mix Well
            • - Forms Lumps while mixing

            Most of the power drinks are named superfood. This makes you wonder, what is actually a superfood? There are no limits in what can be considered a superfood, but experts have agreed that incorporates only the healthiest ingredients available. They were used as medicine since ancient times and they have proved their efficiency.

            Ancient Berry Superfood Mix is made from 100% natural ingredients. The producer, My Nutrition Advisor, has various certifications that prove that their ingredients are Non-GMO, organic, and tested for metals.


            Ancient Berry Superfood ingredients

            In order to see how Ancient Berry Superfood works, it is best if we take a look at the ingredients, the 9 superfood chosen by My Nutrition Advisor:

            AcaiFlax Seeds- are known for their health benefits. They are believed to improve your skin appearance, lower your blood pressure, and even help you by lowering cholesterol.
            AcaiChia Seeds- this beneficial ingredient is believed to have good results in improving Thyroid gland activity, Asthma, blood pressure, osteoarthritis and circulatory system.
            AcaiBeet Powder- is a very rich source of vitamins like vitamin A, C, calcium and iron. They also contain a great deal of fibers and antioxidants.
            • Pomegranate Powder- it is known for its rich deposit in vitamin A, C and E. It also contains iron and fibers. The pomegranate helps you protect against heart diseases.
            • Goji Berry Powder- is a great ingredient if you want to keep a heathy aspect of your skin. It contains a great deal of beta-carotene which will help you improve your looks. Also, it incorporates vitamins like A, C, B2, selenium, and iron.
            AcaiAcerola Powder- is rich in vitamin C, carotenoids and bioflavonoids
            AcaiAcai Berry Powder- is high on fibers, calcium, fiber and iron
            AcaiCamu Camu Powder- contains more vitamin C than any other food
            AcaiMaqui Berry Powder- is a strong antioxidant and an energy booster
            Ancient Berry Superfood Benefits
            Because of its ingredients, Ancient Berry Superfood has a large variety of benefits. Below are some of the most important of them:
            AcaiSkin Improvement
            Due to the high levels of carotenoids, this product can help you improve your looks by having a healthier skin. It helps you with acne and other skin deregulation.
            AcaiCirculatory system improvement
            It is believed that most of the ingredients contained by Ancient Berry Superfood have a great impact over the circulatory system. It is believed that it lowers blood pressure, and lower blood cholesterol. Ancient Berry Superfood is also efficient in preventing cardiovascular risk.
            AcaiCognitive and brain functions
            Because of the bioflavonoids provided by Ancient Berry Superfood ingredients, it is believed that this powder drink will help you improve your brain functions. Your memory will get sharper, and your focus capacity will get stronger. It even has good results regarding the eye health.
            The Camu Camu powder is believed to have antidepressant benefits. It is believed that helps in calming patients, giving them a more balanced-mood. It also helps in keeping away migraines and headache.
            AcaiProlongation of satiety
            The great amount of fibers from Ancient Berry Superfood along with other nutritive molecules helps in keeping you satiate. It is also keep you away from food and sweet cravings.
            This feature is helpful for people trying to take control over their weight.
            In order to talk about antioxidants we need to talk about free radicals. These molecules appear in our body due to environmental pollution and the natural process of ageing. Unfortunately, these free radicals attack our cells, causing your immune system to have flaws. Antioxidants have the purpose to retain these free radicals, in order to keep your cells young and healthy.
            All ingredients contain high level of vitamins and minerals, especial vitamins A, C and E. Vitamin C has a strong relationship with the immune system. Vitamin C is a strong fighter when it comes to flu and colds. Most of medication against these condition contain vitamin C. The Camu Camu plant powder has more vitamin C than any other food.

            Users’ reviews
            When it comes down to experiences, they are different for each user. There are some variables which need to be taken into consideration. It’s about one’s flavor preferences, organism, health and lifestyle. For some it can come as a revelation, while for some the benefits are not visible right away. Most users were very happy to consume Ancient Berry Superfood. They are satisfied with their benefits. Also they were also pleased about
            AcaiTaste – most users were very happy with the rich berry mix formula. They find it refreshing and very fruity, without the specific “powder taste” as found in some superfood drinks.
            AcaiNon-GMO- all ingredients used in Ancient Berry Superfood are certified as 100% natural, without any artificial involvement.
            AcaiDairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free- in order to keep the product safe for all its users, the producers have come up with a formula that contains to dairy, no gluten and no soy. These ingredients are believed to be cause of some allergies and that’s why they do not take part in Ancient Berry Superfood’s ingredients list.
            Acai100% Vegan – Ancient Berry Superfood is 100% raw, vegan superfood
            AcaiNo added sugar- to add flavor to their drinks, some producers add sugar to their formula. Although it usually is a small quantity, it is still there. Ancient Berry Superfood contains no added sugar, just the sweet taste that comes from its ingredients.
            AcaiLow on calories – one serving of Ancient Berry Superfood contains only 30 calories. This benefits on those who want to keep track of their weight or are on a lose weight program.

            There were of course some users who have some doubts about the nutritive value of the smoothie. They do not contain probiotics or enzymes that can help them in their digestion. Of course, there is a certain amount of these substances, but not as many as in a superfood which relies on this feature.

            Ancient Berry Superfood comes in 4 types of packaging. You can have 240g (30 servings) for about 25$, 80g (10 servings) for about 10$, 16g (for 2 servings) – 3$, and 12 packs of 16g for about 36$.


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