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            • - Acai powder is complete natural and organic food with no side effects.
            • - Entire supply chain of Acai powder keeps an account of the sustainable business and consumer practices for society.
            • - No artificial flavors or sweeteners are present in Acai Powder. It has its own natural taste.
            • - Acai Powder is indeed a natural source of anti oxidants.
            • - All the facts and nutritional values of different ingredients contained in one table spoon are listed on packaging.


            • - It is highly advised to not use the Acai Powder for directly curing any disease.
            • - Acai Powder mixes smoothly with smoothies. This is not the case for many beverages.

            Acai powder, extracted from Acai berries of the Amazon rainforest, is an optimum organic food. The Superfood which can be termed as the special gift of Brazilian Rainforest acts a source of many vital nutrients. The very natural place of origin proves it to be organic in nature. Acai berries have a delicious natural taste of berries and chocolate. The herbs are rich in anti oxidants. After grinding berries and herbs to a fine powder, right food product enriched in nutrients is obtained. Anti oxidant polyphenols and flavonides provide nutritional benefits and prove to be much useful for health.
            The most important part is that Acai berry powder is complete natural product grown organically.


            Amazon rainforests have much more to provide to the world. These include the one-third of biodiversity in the world and one-fourth of world’s fresh water. Acai berry is one such organic plant naturally present in the area. It totally relies on the organic matter, rain water and natural sunlight for its nourishment. These benefits are then passed on to the users of berry in the form bodily health.
            Following are the useful features of Acai Powder.

            Promotes Hair Growth and Fair Skin
            Fatty acids have very useful benefits for promoting hair growth. This is because they stimulate the growth from hair follicles. Basically skin of hair and skin of face, both are same. Both need same kinds of nutrients for their growth. Acai Powder is very rich source of fatty acids. The essential omega fats oleic and lionelic acids are present in it in the abundant supply. These fatty acids not only produce the skin glow but also promote hair growth.

            Fulfills Vitamin Deficiency of the body
            Vitamins are not the nutrients that play direct role in growth of the body cells. Well, these are the essential biological components that catalyze many processes. Acai powder has very essential vitamins that catalyze many biological processes in human body. Minerals and nutritious vitamins including Vitamins B and Vitamin K are present in it in abundant supply.

            Detoxifies the body
            Acai powder is rich in anti oxidants. These anti oxidants act as natural cleansing system of the body. Taking diet heavily loaded with impurities such as metallic ions, free radicals and other such substances makes body vulnerable to many problems. These free radicals are not easily removed from the body. Anti oxidants have ability to bind with these free radicals and then convert them into the molecules. In this way all such impurities are easily removed from the body.

            Builds Muscles
            Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Muscles are basically nothing but protein. Acai Powder is of much nutritional value as it is rich source of amino acids. One table spoon of Acai powder mixed with any beverage is enough to get an energy drink. Such personalized energy drink can be used after or before work out.

            Boosts metabolic system of the body
            There is no doubt that efficiency of body’s metabolic system determines the overall health of it. The two direct effects of metabolic system’s efficiency are seen in the form of optimum body shape and high energy level. Natural powder that utilizes berries and herbs as the basic resource is the best way to have an efficient metabolic system. Acai powder boosts energy level of body even when it is at rest. In this way mind becomes active and overall efficiency of individual increases. In the same way, Acai powder is the right food product to burn body fats. It incorporates protein into muscles and then burns the body fat to release energy.

            Makes Circulatory System more Efficient
            Use of herbs and berries for curing heart diseases is very well known since the time of ancient civilization. Herbs and berries not only enrich the blood with essential nutrients but also increase the blood flow by making it thin. They burn the extra fats and reduce blood cholesterol level. Low cholesterol level in blood means that there is less risk of high blood pressure. As a result of this chances of heart attack due to difficulty of pumping blood reduce many folds.


            How Acai Powder Works
            Entire working of any Superfood depends upon the ingredients. In case of Acai powder, the ingredients can be divided into two components. First component is in the form of amino acids, fats and carbohydrates. These fulfill the body’s nutritional needs. The second component consists of anti oxidants. Anti oxidants boost many biological processes in body and act as Detoxifying agents.


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            It is not possible for everyone to use the organic food on daily basis. It is highly recommended to avail it in the form of a Superfood. Acai powder is one such Superfood that provides benefits of a complete organic food in the form of a powder. This is an instant way to readily increase body’s energy level.

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